Peach Melba Football Shirt

Beer and football, beer and football, go together like, err, beer and football. To celebrate our 10th birthday (no, we can’t believe it either) we commissioned an extremely limited run of these beautiful Peach Melba football shirts. Obviously the main draw is the vibrant orange taken from the iconic cans, but they also sport a Pilot logo, a wee Made In Leith on the back and a cheeky Peachy Melbs logo on the sleeve. Not only do they look excellent, but they’re made from a proper breathable wicking fabric, so if you’re the kind of person who actually partakes in sport you can wear them for that too.

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  • £37.50

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We reckon that beer should bring people together, so 2p from every can sold will be donated to Pilot’s Drinklusion fund. You can find out more here