Summer Smashers

Multiple Styles
Mixed ABV | 330ml

Yes, it's probably raining, but don't let that stop you from sinking our light, fresh Summer Smashers whilst watching the barbecue get washed away in a raging torrent.

Super Sub Session Blackcurrant Sour 330ml Cans × 2

Super Sub Session IPA 330ml Cans × 2

Sunny 330ml Cans × 2

Lager Tops 330ml Cans × 2

Blønd 330ml Cans × 2

Pineapple Berliner 330ml Cans × 2

- 0%
  • £30.80

Ingredients and More Info


We reckon that beer should bring people together, so 2p from every can sold will be donated to Pilot’s Drinklusion fund. You can find out more here