In Praise Of The Unspectacular

The second best beer I ever had was a warm can of Tennents. Way back before me and my friends thoroughly destroyed our lives by adding idiotic children to them we used to do fun stuff; fun stuff like going on holidays together. The most excellent of these holidays happened at some point at the

Ian Jones, co-Pilot

Sitting at my desk in my boring old job five years ago, when I first had the idiotic idea of ditching all that nonsense to do a masters in brewing, one of the two people I immediately emailed was my dad. (The other was my ludicrously supportive partner Kate, obviously). A crackpot idea like that

The loneliness of the micro-business runner

So, this is my first Pilot blog. You could say it's my pilot Pilot blog. Well, you could but as we all know, Pilot has a strict no-puns rule. Pat's off for a well-earned break at the moment and I'm sitting on my own in the brewery (sob). I'm lonely, lost and on my own

The Creative Process

Killing two birds with one stone here. Bear with me. Is it bear with me or bare with me? Definitely one of the two. Dead Bird #1: We were at the Great Scottish Beer Festival this weekend where Ultravilot absolutely flew out. Yep, you heard. Dead Bird #2: A suggested blog topic via Twitter was

Brewing with the Bat.

Any brewday that starts with a bag full of pies is alright by me. Last Friday morning saw the mighty Joe Dick and his partner in crime, "Wheres Wally"-a-like brewing savant Jonny Hamilton from The Hanging Bat turning up at our door at 7 with a load of Scotch pies in one ginormous hand and a load

We’ve won some stuff!

Running a wee brewery is hard work. Yep, tiny violin, I know, I know. It is though. Honest. One of the side effects of that is that when you win something, it's unbelievably rewarding. Winning two things in quick succession is proper fist-bumps and high fives around the office stuff. We were lucky enough to