Did you know that we operate as a convenient food bank donation point for Edinburgh North Foodbank?

We’ve had an amazing response from our wonderful customers around Christmas time but we’re currently running a drive to help get donations throughout the year. In these current conditions, foodbanks are in greater demand than ever before but at the time of writing this, donations are quite understandably less than normal. Times are tough, but if you’re in the area and are feeling generous, your donations, large or small will be greatly appreciated.

Edinburgh North Foodbank are grateful for all donations but the following items are of particular demand:

  • Tins of meat, fish, fruit and veg
  • Rice pudding, custard, desserts, etc
  • Tea/coffee/UHT milk
  • Long life fruit juice
  • Toiletries

We’ll gladly accept other items but the above is what is particularly needed right now. Please ensure long use by dates, no perishables etc.


How else can you help?

Well funnily enough you can also help every time you shop online - click here to find out how:

If you're not local to us, please seek out your local food bank and donate to them. Your items will be gratefully received and can really make a difference to the increasing number of us that are struggling right now.