Core 12 Case

Multiple Styles
Mixed ABV | 330ml

Whether you’re new to Pilot beers or just know what you like, this is the ideal starter pack, be it for yourself or as a gift. Two of each of our bestselling core beers, offering a fantastic mix of styles and delicious flavours.

Blønd 330ml Cans × 2

Vienna Pale 330ml Cans × 2

Stout 330ml Cans × 2

Leith Lager 330ml Cans × 2

Peach Melba Sour 330ml Cans × 2

IPA 330ml Cans × 2

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Ingredients and More Info

Blønd: Scottish water, barley oats, wheat, hops, yeast. Allergens in bold
Vienna Pale: Scottish water, barley, hops, yeast. Allergens in bold
Stout: Scottish water, barley,hops, yeast. Allergens in bold
Leith Lager: Scottish water, barley, wheat, hops, yeast. Allergens in bold
Peach Melba Sour: Scottish water, barley, oats, wheat, peach, maltodextrin, raspberry, vanilla, yeast, hops. Allergens in bold
IPA: Scottish water, barley, oats, hops, wheat, yeast. Allergens in bold

In Core 12 Box

Blønd 330ml Cans × 2
Blønd is an easy-drinking session IPA packed with malted oats and dry-hopped
with Mosaic and Galaxy for a full-on tropical fruit aromas. Cloudy like a wheat beer, it packs a punch despite its low ABV.
Crisp pairing: Tyrrells Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar

Vienna Pale 330ml Cans × 2
Our Vienna Pale is the ideal gateway beer, sitting somewhere between a malty Vienna lager and an old-school US pale. While it may annoy a certain corner of the beer internet, it’s a nailed-on crowd-pleaser.
Crisp pairing: Roysters T-Bone Steak

Mochaccino Stout 330ml Cans × 2
Big-bodied and full-flavoured with an infusion of coffee (roasted and ground to our exact specifications), cocoa nibs and vanilla – our Mochaccino Stout is rich, comforting and darkly delicious.
Crisp pairing: BBQ Pringles

Leith Lager 330ml Cans × 2
Like its namesake, Leith Lager is cool, unconventional and unfiltered. A classic pilsner style lager with the perfect balance of flavour and drinkability, each can also depicts a different local scene. Lovely stuff.
Crisp pairing: Walkers Salt ’n’ Shake

Peach Melba Sour 330ml Cans × 2
Quickly becoming an Edinburgh icon, our Peach Melba Sour is a lip-smacking sour beer inspired by the popular pudding of yore. Full of peach, raspberry & vanilla, and now (like all our beers) lactose-free – great news for both vegans and cows.
Crisp pairing: Cheese & Onion McCoys

IPA 330ml Cans × 2
The newest kid on the block and our flagship IPA, this is a beer that is perfect for every occasion. Extra pale, dry-hopped at 3 stages, and awash with notes of pineapple, pink grapefruit and resinous pine, it’s a seriously juicy number.
Crisp pairing: Walkers MAX Double Crunch KFC Zinger

We reckon that beer should bring people together, so 2p from every can sold will be donated to Pilot’s Drinklusion fund. You can find out more here