Welcome to Pilot’s fundraising initiative, Drinklusion. Yes, snappy name isn’t it? “What’s it about?” we hear you ask. That’s a good question, thanks for asking. It all started on that noteworthy day, Thursday 8th March 2018. “Why does that date ring a bell?” you ask. Another excellent question. It was International Women’s Day.

Painfully aware that the Pilot workforce is (currently) made up of four 30-40 something, white men (yes, with varying length beards) we’re far from being the diverse employer that we are striving to become as our business grows. Our decision to shut down our social media for the day to do our bit for International Women’s Day, really reminded us that even though we’re only a tiny brewery, as yet unable to hire the army of wonderfully diverse Co-Pilots that we hope to have in the future, we could be doing more through our drink to promote inclusion. Drink. Inclusion. Drinklusion.

Well, we’ve got the name. The finer details are in their infancy at this stage, but we’re launching the initiative with a trio of very special imperial saisons in 750ml sharing bottles. For every bottle sold, we’ll donate 10p to the Pilot Drinklusion fund. Due to a frankly hideous lack of space (see our Instagram for evidence), we don’t get to do much small-pack at the moment. We hope that’s all going to change soon and it’s our intention to continue this fund across every release from now on, moving to everything we sell if it works out how we hope it will.

“What are you going to do with the proceeds?” You’re on fire today. We fully intend to make this an interactive ‘thing’ where you get a say in what we do with it, get to suggest where it goes, and generally feel fully involved in the whole thing. But, while we work all that out, to start things off we’ll be choosing to give our support to some organisations that mean something to us. As we grow, we’ll diversify and you’ll get the chance to tell us what you want to do with your donations. We’ll announce the initial beneficiaries on this page just as soon as we’ve finalised approval and done our due diligence etc. so watch this space.

At Pilot, we believe that beer should bring people together. We’ve no agenda other than supporting organisations that help support this ethos and Drinklusion is our way of enabling us to do just that.